Welcome Back!

As we welcome you back to The Pilates Studio, we are working to take necessary precautionary measures in an effort to ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Here are some of the steps that we have taken in order to make the studio safe.

We've also revamped (and simplified!) many of our pricing options, policies and overall operations.  These changes are for the health of our clients, staff as well as the resilience of the studio. 

The Process for Classes 

The Process for Sessions

Please take a moment to watch the detailed video we've created in order to give you a thorough look of all the steps we're taking to give you peace of mind while you are at The Pilates Studio.

Studio Environment

Limited Capacity

Class and session capacities will be significantly reduced in order to comply with safe social distancing guidelines. 

Set Stations

The studio layout is rearranged. Your session will take place in an area reserved for you. Your reformer will be equipped with everything you'll need.

NEW! our reformers are now separated by beautiful and stylish Plexiglas barriers! 

Click the image to get a closer look!

New Ventilation

We've improved our HVAC system and have installed iWave ionizers to assure the air exchange is a priority.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Hand Washing

Staff will wash their hands upon entering the studio and between every session.  To avoid backups and adhere to social distancing we've provided hand sanitizer upon entering.  

Apparatus & Props

We have new cleaning protocols in place for session stations as well as in the group classroom.

Equipment and props will be thoroughly sanitized before you begin.

For your own peace of mind please feel free to wipe down surfaces before you touch.  


Everything You Need

Every station will have cleaning spray, cleaning towels and hand sanitizer.  

Every station will have a set of props for you to use. 

Toss your used towels, loops, and stickies in the laundry basket as you head out the door.

Our New Normal


All staff and clients are required to wear masks upon entering the building.

At this time we are requiring masks remain on the entire time you are in the studio.

*If you have a medical,

condition, mental health condition, or disability prevents you from wearing a face covering schedule Private or Semi Private session and refrain from taking Group Classes.


Non-slip socks are required for all sessions and classes.  Bring your own and put them on before your session or class. 

You can purchase socks from our retail store.  


Teachers will not cue movement by touch.

We've implemented a touch free administration system.  Intake forms, payments, and scheduling will now be 100% online.  

Comings & Goings


Remain in your vehicle when you arrive. Your instructor will text you when it is time to enter and which door to use. 

Shoes & Things

Leave all unnecessary belongings in your vehicle. 

Remove shoes when you enter. Then proceed to your station.

You'll have a place to store any belongings safely while you work out. 

No communal spaces

Due to social distancing requirements we've closed the chat room (bathroom still available). We encourage you to catch up with your pilates pals in the parking lot with safe distance.



Remember to bring your own water.

To limit touch points and gathering areas our water cooler will be closed for the time being. 


The classroom Reformers will be equipped with clean loops.

When using The Konnector equipped wooden Reformer you'll have the choice of gloves or hand sanitizing before using. 

We have brand new loops for purchase so you can have your own personal set to bring with you.


Every station will have its own collection of props that are cleaned after every use.  

You are welcome to bring your own props.  We ask that you bring them into the studio freshly clean and contained in a clean bag. 

Instructors & Staff

No Touch

Instructors will maintain social distance as much as possible and will not be using tactile (touch) cues.

Smaller Team

We will be operating with a smaller team. Instructors will have more defined schedules to adhere to the limited capacity as defined by the state.   

Timing Is Everything

Due to the choreography involved in keeping everyone safe, Instructors are required to be there 10 minutes before sessions or classes. We'll be adhering to 50 minute session and class times.   

Payments, Schedules & Admin


To comply with social distancing guidelines and no touch payments All forms, scheduling and payments are online.

Payment for services is expected before the day of your visit.

Recurring Appointments

All packages will automatically have autopay. 

Autopay allows you to schedule recurring appointments or classes.

Autopay can be turned off.

When To Cancel Your Appointment

  • If you've been exposed to Covid-19
  • If you are feeling ill in anyway
  • If you've recently traveled out of New England self quarantine for 14 days 

The health of our clients, staff and studio is of the utmost importance during this time.  We are reducing our cancellation policy to 12 hours.  Due to operating at such limited capacity we still need to uphold our policy but ask that you err on the side of caution and cancel if you are feeling ill.  We appreciate your understanding.

As part of your solution for a healthy life we are determined to be vigilant in our attention to the details. 

Thank you for your trust and support!

-Laurie & Katrina

Pilates has given me more benefits that I didn't expect, especially better balance, which is important as I get older. I really miss going to the studio for mat and reformer classes, but am so grateful that the online classes--both live and recorded--are available, so I can still do Pilates several times per week.

Judy B.

Thank you for getting us to breathe deep into all areas of our lungs front, back, and side! I've watched MDs give on-line video instructions on the importance of breathing into all areas of your lungs and how to do so during this pandemic. KUDOS to you both for being on top of the cutting edge of self care during these challenging times!!

Joyce Y

For years I have struggled to fit Pilates into my schedule and therefore it is easy for me to get out of the rhythm. Something that I enjoy doing can become a chore because of this. The best thing that has happened in my Pilates life is online classes!

I have watched the Safe Moves series replays first thing every morning at least five days a week most weeks. I love starting my day with Pilates, something that I never thought could happen.

Caryn H.
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