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The health and safety of our clients and staff are our priority. 


For information about our online classes and private sessions please click:

We create and teach goal based programs that give you the workout you need, to get the results you want, doing exercise you'll love. 

What clients are saying...

The Pilates Studio is a delightfully supportive environment that I love being a part of. The instructors are patient and extremely knowledgeable of The Pilates Method. It’s always a ton of fun to participate in classes AND I feel fabulous each time I complete a session. Kudos to Laurie, Katrina and Mark for making the Pilates studio in Hadley such a welcoming place.

Beth M.

It's amazing how different the Pilates method is from straight plane strengthening. You get strengthening and lengthening of muscles in ways that translate more completely to real world motions. That's the science. The art of Pilates at The Pilates Studio comes from the skilled, curious, fun teachers who help and guide you every step of the way whether you're taking group classes or doing private work. Worth the time and money? Absolutely! It IS life changing.

Anna V.

When the Sunday Mat class was canceled, I saw on a the schedule a morning reformer class. I never took a reformer class before. For the several years I have been coming to the Pilates Studio, I only focused on mat classes(really never going upstairs- just to the basement for mat classes). The reformer classes were more expensive and looking back maybe I was a bit intimidated. Well, since taking my first reformer class around the start of this year, I can say- the $ is worth it. I take reformer classes regularly with Ruth and Tristan and they are both great instructors. I am still amazed with how versatile the reformer is- how many leg, arm, back, core, combination exercises you can do. I feel great after each class, challenged and satisfied. Thank you.

Jennifer U.

Our member's success stories...

December 27, 2020

Janice, a 69-year-old retail supervisor, was fit, active and passionate about her job. When a back injury prevented her from working and made the simplest tasks difficult and painful, she was left feeling miserable and frustrated.I could barely move“I hurt my back at work right around the

December 22, 2020

For 47-year-old nurse, Charlotte, long days and the heavy lifting of patients was starting to take its toll. She had started to notice the gradual build-up of pain on the inside of her elbow. More and more often, she would have to ask a colleague to help

November 25, 2020

Amy, a 61-year-old mature student, had finished her studies and was about to embark on an exciting new career in art restoration when the pandemic hit. “I was so disappointed.""I was due to join a small team of restoration professionals at my local museum, but due to COVID

October 14, 2020

Sean, a 64-year-old finance manager, was in pretty good shape. Apart from the occasional twinge in his lower back, he didn’t really have any health complaints. But he was aware that with his senior years creeping up on him that he should start to focus on doing

September 24, 2020

Throughout her whole life, Jessica, a former teacher, always enjoyed being active and was accustomed to spending long hours on her feet. But, she never quite found the right activity that she felt pushed her, could be incorporated into her busy schedule, and would get her into shape."I

September 15, 2020

Jill, an interior designer, loved nothing more than helping her clients to transform their homes. Her job could get quite physically demanding at times and she was starting to notice a few new aches and pains after a long day.What Are These New Aches and Pains?“I turned

September 8, 2020

Kimberelee, a 47 year old teacher, was blissfully enjoying her active lifestyle and was able to move her body freely with no limitations. She enjoyed hiking long trails with her friends, and swimming laps in the pool with her family on a hot summer day. Then, tragically, in

August 26, 2020

Libby, a 58-year-old teacher, was happily enjoying a very active and fulfilling lifestyle. As a keen cyclist, she loved nothing more than taking off on her road bike and enjoying the freedom of the open road and exploring the trails around her home.But she was noticing more

August 5, 2020

Marci, a retired piano teacher and doting grandmother, was quite spritely for her 71 years. It was only when her grandson came along that she recognized she could do with a little help with mobility and flexibility. “I am so lucky in that I get to look after

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